• My complete newsletter diet

    My complete newsletter diet

    Now let me get this straight from the beginning: I had an established digital newsletter diet long before the pandemic hit and internet flooded with millions of new newsletters and podcasts by white, privileged men (just like I am). In this post I am going to talk about two things: not only what I’m reading…

  • 16 Personalities says that I’m an Assertive Mediator

    16 Personalities says that I’m an Assertive Mediator

    Hi! This is me, a different way to introduce myself. I retook the popular 16 Personalities test and I was a bit surprised with the latest results. 2019 2022 Personality Type Assertive Advocate (INFJ-A) Assertive Mediator (INFP-A) Mind 61% Introverted 51% Introverted Energy 66% Intuitive 79% Intuitive Nature 67% Feeling 74% Feeling Tactics 67%…

  • My CS:GO config & settings

    My CS:GO config & settings

    I have always been a configuration nerd. I might try dozens of mousepads before I get the feel I’m looking for, as I might spend minutes trying to find the best way to sit in a car. In my mind, this kind of personalization is not only a path to better performance but actually part…

  • Rush B: My journey to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    Rush B: My journey to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    How I met esports Across my teenage and adult life, I have been accompanied by PC video games, with a preference for casual strategy games and online co-ops. I have spent my fair share on Warcraft, Worms Armageddon, Red Alert, and lately Northgard, a real-time strategy game that I definitely recommend as an antidepressant. However,…

  • Constant reminders

    Constant reminders

    You live in a nice cozy house in downtown Athens but you were actually born by the sea. You recently got your passport which means that you are going somewhere and your phone is full of people’s names, which means that you can always go somewhere.

  • What can I say now

    Letter to my previous self and a friend on dealing with losing what you love.

  • Anger management

    Dear diary, Today I’d like to punch a guy in the face. I know what you’ll say, that we ‘ve gone through much greater difficulties in the past, ones that go past the threshold of making your day a bad one. Well, I think that doesn’t make it any less important. As I previously stated, I would…

  • How to get close to, you know, people

    How to get close to, you know, people

    Not just another digital marketing metaphor.

  • Digital insights through the sieve

    Digital insights through the sieve

    A revised approach on what and how to read when you want to get smarter on digital without losing your breath.

  • Google's Ngram Viewer on Peace, Love and War

    Google’s Ngram Viewer is a useful tool There is certainly something wrong in our world. I have lost control of the situation. — God (@TheTweetOfGod) July 17, 2014