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It is really hard, but dealing with one’s problems is literally only her own business. The thing is that anyone can tell you what you could or should, however, few will be able to adjust the remedy to your own wounds, and as a result be meaningful and effective. Therefore, I am not here to lecture you on the one or the other, but mostly to listen to what you have to tell me and find out whether I can be of any help.

The thing is that, regardless of your intents, you have opened a new chapter in your life. By all means I want you to know that what you are about to do is very courageous, it takes time alone and with other people around, and that it requires you stay uncomfortably open and exposed. Your method for the following X weeks/months is going to be to balance in a condition in which your only problem should be you losing what you love. I don’t know your ways, and please don’t fire back on this, but I think that it is going to be useful to reach out to yourself, feel the pain, the anger, the sweetness and the love, confront your feelings and don’t bury them, at all.

As far as I am aware of, you carry a very strong personality with a great amounts of energy and patience within you, so please take notice that you are going to use all of it up, and then some. But in the end you are going to be a better person. Wounded but not traumatized. Tired but not exhausted. And then you will have won.
And now let me tell you a story…

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