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Hi! This is me, a different way to introduce myself.

I retook the popular 16 Personalities test and I was a bit surprised with the latest results.


Personality TypeAssertive Advocate (INFJ-A)Assertive Mediator (INFP-A)
Mind61% Introverted51% Introverted
Energy66% Intuitive79% Intuitive
Nature67% Feeling74% Feeling
Tactics67% Judging58% Prospecting
Identity63% Assertive74% Assertive

In short, this means that I have become more of an extrovert, even more trusting my own intuiting, taking feelings into account, and trusting myself.

The flip from Judging to Prospecting means that I rely less on to-do lists, deadlines, and deliverables, and I focus more on chasing opportunities in new, creative ways. This is not right or wrong, but the switch from individual contributor to co-founder made a lot of sense exactly because of that switch on my personality. (Disclaimer: I believe that I was not a good individual contributor and I still struggle sometimes with this sort of needs.)

Here’s an idea: I dream of a world where therapy sessions are a prerequisite for moving up the career ladder. Get everyone on your team to take a personality test, just for their own sake (don’t ask them to share it with you). It’s good for all people to be aware of their personality traits, be honest about themselves, and be ready to collaborate better with others that are significantly different. 🙂

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