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Dear diary,

Today I’d like to punch a guy in the face. I know what you’ll say, that we ‘ve gone through much greater difficulties in the past, ones that go past the threshold of making your day a bad one. Well, I think that doesn’t make it any less important.

As I previously stated, I would be really happy to go downstairs and make a scene, fully aware of the disaster I would be causing with my words. In an environment of collaboration and free-spirit-ness that would ruin my image as a kind and thoughtful person, right in the time where I most need it. Therefore, I had better stay out of this.

Also, I acknowledge the fact that I am angry today because I would be angry with anything and the incident is just a coincidence. It is one of these mornings that I had better skip work and just stay in bed.

And then it hit me – what if the other guy also had a bad morning? It is the end of the year and everybody is running around in panic. Maybe I was prepared to stay grumpy all day, no matter what. So how about pushing the Skip button once again and see what can we do to fix that? Darn.

Thanks for listening.

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